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 ​ ​​  I have been wanting to have a baby for a while long. I seek out Acupuncture as another holistic alternative. I went to see Dr. Chong the acupuncturist to see if he can help me. I have seen him for treatments for few times. one day I did not get my menstrual cycle period I went to see my obgyn and had done a pregnancy. Due to my amazement I found out I was pregnant. I was so so happy. Thanks to Dr. Chong and his amazing Acupuncture technique I became pregnant. I had a baby boy...


    Acupuncture do help a lot in getting pregnant.​​​​​​

Faith C.

Age 34​

​    I am a Chinese medicine practitioner and I come to Shui-Fong for regular maintenance. Just as the name of his practice implies, his treatments come from the heart. 

    He is thorough in his treatments incorporating good needling technique plus tuina, and cupping or gua sha. I usually end up sleeping and waking up after the treatment feeling very relaxed. I like that the freckles on my face decrease quite significantly after each session too.

​​​​Susy S.

Age 45​

The testimony of my treatment by Chong, the acupuncturist:

    It has been many years that I was suffering from nasal allergy. Back in the old days, I needed steroid shots for the change of season allergy!! Not only costly, I was worried about the side effect of the medication which is not a treatment, but a shotgun therapy to relief symptoms only!!!

    I had about 10-12 weekly acupuncture treatment for allergy and low back pain. The feeling of improvement did not kick in until 3-5 weeks after the first treatment. But soothing overall feeling was gradual but in a sure gradation steps!!

    Now few years post treatment, I am feeling fine, I cannot say that I am totally free of nasal congestions & sneezing. But the symptoms are short & I can get back to a normally breathing without much nasal congestion!!! That is a big improvement!!

    Chong always offers a post treatment Tui Na which a medical massage to open up the body channels, the treatment can be painful at certain areas, yet the additional therapeutic effect is evident !!!!

    I can tell you Chong has a very therapeutic touch and a very passionate acupuncturist!!

My treatment with Chong was effective and has been long lasting!!


a senior NYC resident

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